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Get ready! Amazon is about to change everything you know about buying food

June 19, 2017
by Latisha Liming
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Amazon, one of the biggest online seller is bringing a massive deal to the shelves of the grocery industry, $13.7 Billion deal that can change everything.


Amazon’s $13.7 Billion purchase of Whole food instantly makes it a major factor in the U.S grocery industry and means a lot for shoppers and especially for the other players in the industry like Walmart and Target.

The Amazon-Whole Foods deal will have winners and losers. Among the winners will be consumers, as Amazon’s technology and superior services will provide more grocery options, saving them time and money at the same time.


After a huge drop in Walmart’s stock (-4.65%) and Target (-5.14%) following the massive deal, we can expect for a great interest from traders’ side in this industry again this week.

It will be an extremely hard to predict how Walmart, which is the biggest player in the grocery industry at the moment, will compete with Amazon’s technology and reinvent themselves again in order to stay relevant and keep on top for long-term.


At the moment, it is still unclear how Amazon will re-organize Whole Food, but, according a release video on Amazon Go store, we can guess- there will be no cashiers.

The cashiers will be replaced by Amazon’s technology that will be able to monitor customers entering the store, records their choices and charge the right amount.

The goal is simple, to make the famous annoying line- disappear! That kind of move can send many people home without their job, this is another step-in replacing people with technology.

While minimum wage mandates help, low paid workers bring home a higher pay in the short term, they send these workers to the unemployment lines in the long term, as companies replace labor with machines.


Game-changing delivery

The possibility that we will get our delivery from the grocery store by a drone could sounds like a science fiction without the fact that- it’s already exists!

The biggest leverage of Amazon is certainly their drones, no one can even compete with that kind of service.

For years, Amazon tried its luck to get inside many industries, this time is seemed promising.

Amazon is a forward-looking company and traders are very interesting in bringing it into their portfolio on a regular basis about just as a passing trend.


A great uptrend for Amazon since January 2016, around 50% growth!

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